Campus Celebrity: Anna Roberts

Guide by her impetuous passion for impacting lives, an aspiring business student hopes to become a community and world-wide influencer. At the University of La Verne, a ambitious women thrives in a world of uncertainty while encouraging positivity amongst her friends, professors, and everyone around her. 

With a triple concentration in management, economics, and internal business, Anna Roberts is a triple threat in passion, style, and flair. As a freshman, she already holds Vice President positions in multiple clubs including Board Game Club and the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She holds reason to everything - as she grew up playing games with her family. With her love of diversity and her sense of community, Anna is also involved in interfaith organizations such as Common Ground. She hopes to develop herself in professionalism and event-planning through her affilations in various clubs and organizations.

"In the future I aspire to be in a position of influence and leadership ether in a company, non-profit, or in a business I start myself," said Anna. 

Along with encouraging her own self-love, Anna shares a love with animals. Her hobbies include traveling, learning new things, petting animals, and traveling. She loves to spend time with her two kittens she takes care of herself. She also models part-time and thinks art is a way of destressing. 


"I LOVE animals, to travel, learn new things, and adventure. I also love to spend time with my kitties and eat food because who doesn't?, Anna said." 

Anna models


Anna's background as "navy brat" due to her father has made her adventurous personality today. She always tries to develop more versatility and work towards reaching her full potential while venturing to learn new things. "Im working towards having a profession that positively affects as many people (and animals) as I can reach," Anna said. 

In terms of community, Anna is also involved with social justice, meaning for bringing certain topics into everyday conversations with people. She says she uses her relationships with others to advocate for human rights, womens rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. "I am also fortunate to learn and grow as a human rights activist through interfaith cooperation," Anna said. She said you probably would not see her at a protest or march but she advocates for social justice by her personal relationships, with make the most impact she believes. 

Anna also advocates for women empowerment.

"There is something unique and powerful about what can happen when you get woman's minds together and it starts here. In friendships, families, and communities woman are able to come together and be a source of strength and encouragement for each other. For me, the role of these communities of woman empowerment has been critical to the success of so many students on college campuses, including myself. I also believe that educating both men and woman about the importance of woman's empowerment is crucial for reaching gender equality in the home, streets, school, and workplace," said Anna.