Black Friday Shopping Tips


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means? Right after that is Black Friday! Black Friday is an event hosted by many stores that allows consumers to buy Christmas gifts at discounted prices! For many, it is a tradition for one to go shopping right after feasting with the family, but there are those, like myself, who are inexperienced when it comes to shopping on Black Fridays. Here are ten tips on how to go about your Black Friday shopping the better way! (For more information go to )

  1. Shop with your discount cards and coupons! There is nothing better than buying things for an even cheaper price.

  2. Create a shopping list! Know what you’re going to get before walking into the store because may run out! Also, list those stores you are going to.

  3. Shop with a friend! Black Friday shopping can be dangerous. Don’t go alone. Either way, it’s more fun to shop with a friend!

  4. Price Check! Check those prices because you may get those items for a cheaper price somewhere else.

  5. Shop for other Holiday events! Black Friday comes once every year. Take advantage of those discounted items for future birthdays and/ gifts. That is what my mom does.

  6. Shop Online! Do not forget that online stores also have sales! Online shopping is also safer and easier to do.

  7. Get out early. Shopping is tiring and you should always get your rest. Stores often have deals all day and may give ate shoppers discounts too.

  8. Follow your budget.

  9. Remember not everything is a deal.

  10. Keep those receipts! You may never know if you need to return those items.

Safe Black Friday shopping and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!