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Hey loves meet Bella!


Being a bunny mom is great, but let’s be real… it be hard out here.


My first little baby is Bella, and she is my one year old. She has blue eyes, four feet, and a cotton ball for a tail. In bunny years she is like over 20 years. Homegirl is older than me! Some of her favorite foods are lettuce, green grapes, timothy hay, spinach, and raspberries. When she is being a good girl she gets to eat her favorite sweet treat, yogurt drops.


She is a kind, energetic sweet little girl. I love it when she flops onto the side of her tummy– that is basically how she stole my heart the first time I met her.




She has always been a good girl except when she chews on my phone chargers, or poops or pees on my blankets. You can take every bunny precaution, but they will always find a way.


The best thing I ever did was put a cat collar on Bella. If I lost her I can always hear the bell whenever she made a move. It is a very effective tactic up until they figure out how to chew it off. We already went through three of them, and yes, I have given up.



One of the greatest things about having a bunny is getting to know them and what their personality is like. It is the most amazing feeling knowing that your bunny is comfortable with you and lets you know they love you by licking you. The first time that happened between me and Bella I nearly wanted to cry because it takes months for them to get used to you. It was just a beautiful feeling and it makes me happy every single time she licks me. I guess being a bunny mom is great, and I love every step of the way, and along that way I have experienced some hardship.


I also had another baby girl, and her name was Stella. Stella is no longer with us, but I could not have let you guys not meet her. She was sweet, and a ball full of energy. She was a quick runner, and can really play a good game of hide-n-seek. She loved head scratches, and bananas.

She enjoyed playing with her older sister Bella, and they were really good friends.


We love and miss you Stella.

Chloe Frescas

La Verne '21

I like pretty things.
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