Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War is a film ten years in the making. What started as an idea to bring individual characters and their stories together has culminated into a story that requires the strengths of all their powers and knowledge to save the world from the brink of annihilation. This time around, its a big bad named Thanos. And he wants infinity stones, which if all six collected, could give him ultimate power to wipe out civilization or in his mind, balance it, at his own will. All of your favorite heroes are in the battle, and all contribute to trying to stop the Mad Titan. So how does the film hold up? Let's just say, it's Marvel's Magnum Opus. Their masterpiece. 

Let's start right off the bat by saying Thanos is a great villain. He takes the whole "let's balance the world by wiping out half of it" philosophy very seriously. And that's what makes a great villain; a performance(by the great Josh Brolin) that completely sells how the villain believes what he's doing is truly right. But at the same time, in his evil ways, shows something more human and in constant pain underneath. Thanos from the very start is developed and evolved throughout the 150 minute run time and is the greatest villain we've had so far in the MCU. 

 What works best from Infinity War is it's uncanny ability to mesh so many characters into one film and make it work as well as giving each character a moment to shine. The exchanges we get from certain pairings and the emotional depth and heights and even risks this film takes is something not seen before. By the film's end, we are left with a feeling that no marvel film has left us with before. 

The action sequences are fantastic, grand, and non-stop and the humor blends well with the moments of sadness and dramatic tension. The Russo Brothers took a formula that worked so well in Civil War and made it to perfection here. There's never a dull moment and the stakes are high. 

Infinity War is a film that fans will have to settle and think upon once the credits roll, a film that isn't just heroes cracking jokes and kicking ass. Although we do get that, there are choices made, lives lost, and futures unknown. 

Be prepared for two specific action sequences, one set in Wakanda, where goosebumps will ensue. 

And the other, a high flying insanity brawl on Titan.

And justt remember, this is a film with WAR in the title. No one is safe.