8 Dorm Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

When shopping for dorm supplies it is often easy to get carried away with designing your room and picking the decor you want. Making sure to have a good list of supplies to buy when shopping is important as well as getting advice from someone who was in your shoes. Last year, I had no idea what I was buying because I was simply relying on youtubers showing me what they bought before they moved in. So, overall not very good advice. Here are some items I suggest buying!

1. Makeup Organizers  


- I often find my desk a mess from not only papers but also various makeup palettes so having cute organizers to separate everything is super helpful. I highly recommend getting dividers for inside your drawers so it doesn’t take up space on top of your desk!


2. Rolling Cart


- This is insanely helpful! Being able to have moving shelves can come in handy when needing a little extra room. It also helps that it is tall so it can fit in small spaces.

3. Shoe Organizer


- Shoe Organizers are helpful because it's a nice little cubbie to tuck away your shoes so that they don't end up scattered on the ground everywhere. Also they are a multipurpose organizer, so not only can you put your shoes in there but if you have extra towels it's a nice space to put them.

4. Lysol Wipes 


- I never knew how much i needed them until I bought some. They are incredibly helpful and essential! I love keeping plants on my window sill so when dirt falls out or if a ring forms from placing cups it helps to be able to wipe it away!

5. Rolling Laundry Basket


- I don't know about you but I wait til the absolute last second to wash clothes. So, often times my laundry is filled to the brim. Having to carry laundry from your room to the laundry room is heavier than you think. Pushing is ten times more helpful than carrying so you will thank me later !

6. Wall Mirror


- I don't know how much I can exaggerate the need for a wall mirror. Being able to have full outfit checks is important when wanting to go out! Having a desk mirror is great but a wall mirror is so helpful especially for group selfies!

7. Desk Shelves


- My school doesn’t provide desks with built in shelves so having this portable one is great! It also allows more room on your desk!

8. Hanging Calendar


- This is super helpful when sharing a room. Knowing your roommates schedule can allow for knowing when you have alone time or even if she is free to get a bite to eat!


All in all, I hope you found this advice to be helpful, especially to serve as a reference for your future college dorm journey!