8 College Girls Clothing Staples

Dressing up for college isn’t something I pride myself with doing. I normally wake up around 10 minutes before I have to get to class so having easy clothes to put on is essential. Here are some clothing items I recommend for college students!


  1. 1. Leggings

    If you’re in college and you don’t own black leggings you are seriously missing out. They are amazing and I definitely have a pair for everyday!

  2. 2. Sports Bras

    This goes hand in hand with the leggings. So convenient and comfy for those 8am lectures.

  3. 3. Basic Tube Top

    Such a cute clothing item and can be dressed up or down. I love basic clothing items because you can go sporty with it by pairing it with Adidas or girly with a cardigan and sandals.

  4. 4. Jean Jacket

    If you don’t have one already what are you doing? I own one jean jacket but I use it just about everyday. Getting an oversized one is also super cute and it can be thrifted to!


  5. 5. College Sweater

    I have a sweater for ULV and after my jean jacket that is definitely the most used clothing item I have. Super carefree look and you can also dress it up

  6. 6. Flowy Shorts

    Having a pair of flowy shorts are so cute especially if you live in southern california. It’s another item that can be dressed up for a more professional look for work!

  7. 7. High Waisted Shorts

    Jean shorts are amazing!! I have about 4 different pairs of blue shorts.


  8. 8. Ripped Black Jeans

    I get so many compliments on my black jeans. They are a little baggy and have a tighter waist and i'm so in love with them!


I hope this article was helpful when going shopping for college clothes!