7 Simple Tips for Healthy Hair

For most of my life, I have always cared a ton about my hair. I would grow my hair down to my butt and get tons of compliments on how soft, shiny, and split-end free it was. However, I was not necessarily "born with it." For some context, my hair is mostly straight, dark brown, fairly thin but I have a good amount so it seems thicker. Without further ado, here is my healthy hair regimen!

  1. 1. Where to Shampoo and Condition

    I like to focus the shampoo on my roots and the conditioner on the ends. When I rinse the shampoo, it will drip down the hair shaft. I find lathering the ends of my hair to be really stripping for my hair. For conditioning, just imagine putting product on the low ponytail of your hair.

  2. 2. When to Shampoo and Condition

    This is soooo 3-5 years ago but I shall remind you. Don’t wash your hair every day. There is an adjustment period of letting the hair get used to washing 3x/week but it is so worth it.

  3. 3. Cut Back on the Brushing

    Despite what the media suggests, I actually don’t brush my hair very often. Have you ever noticed how fluffy and matte you hair can get from brushing it? Yeah, not cute. This one is controversial because the brush can stimulate the scalp which a good thing but I personally chose to abstain. Those with heavy curls and waves would probably agree that brushing only does harm. If you are going to brush your hair, I suggest only doing it when your hair is dry. Wet hair is stretchier and the hair strands can be easily tugged, broken, and damaged.

  4. 4. Prevent Excessive Friction

    When going to sleep, I like to clip my hair up or sleep in pigtail braids. The point of this tip is to reduce friction of your hair on your pillow. Our hair strands are similar-looking to roof shingles or a porcupine. When you go against the grain, the hair strand gets damaged. You can also wrap the hair in a scarf or use a hair cap if that doesn’t bother you in your sleep! 

  5. 5. Monthly Hair Masks

    Every once in a while, I will do a coconut oil hair treatment. Essentially, you just work coconut oil into the hair, leave on for 30+ minutes (clip hair up or put in a bun), and shampoo thoroughly. Focus the oil on the length of your hair and not so much in the roots. This tip will help seal the ends of you hair with moisture making them less likely to break or split any further. 

  6. 6. The Less Heat the Better

    Limit heat on your hair and use heat protectant! IEven blowdrying is very damaging! f you want curls or waves, there’s always the heatless hairstyles option. In my middle school years, I was curling my hair with anything from t-shirt strips to foam rollers. Where there's a will(and YouTube), there's a way . Maybe I'll even do an article all about heatless ways to get curls, waves, and crimps!

  7. 7. Scalp Massages!

    You can do this during the coconut oil hair mask, while shampooing, when taking outa ponytail, or anytime!!! The roots of hair strands (follicles) are fed vitamins and oxygen through tiny blood vessels in the scalp. When you massage your scalp, you stimulate hair growth and health! Plus, it feels amazing and is a great little act of self affection:)

Feel free to try any of these easy tips this autumn and see how they work on your hair type! And remember, K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid!