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There are some things I take for granted while being in college. I only just realized this two weeks ago when everyone was talking about their summer plans. Most of my friends live a lot further than a quick two hour drive. I defiknitely didn’t realize that I spend so much time with them that I consider them my family. Here are some things Ive realized that Im definitley going to miss. 


Missing Friends

Spending time with my friends 24/7 is definitely something Im going to miss. I see them at just about anytime of the day morning. Its nice to know that if I ever need anything I have them to text or if I need advice its easy to go to them. Spending late nights together watching movies or just talking is amazing and something Im very fortunate for. I love being able to walk around campus and knowing if I see them we can just grab food. 

Missing Friends Who Aren’t Coming Back

So the unfortunate truth is sometimes people don’t pick the right college for them. Building friendships you want to last a lifetime is difficult when you’re not happy with every part of your life. It sucks when you have amazing friends and love them to death but you have top leave. However, don’t forget that the love will always be there and the happiness will be everlasting.

Missing the Independence

Being able to leave home is definitely one of the saddest parts of going to college. However, once you get a taste of the independent life that is possible you don’t want to give it up. Don’t forget that although you have to go back home for summer school will be back in no time. 

Missing the Flexibility 

Each day is different and is open to new possibilities. Going back home there are a million and one things parents want you to do and your siblings need help with. Parents are amazing but when wanting to go do your own thing it sucks when that piece of freedom is gone. 

Getting out of school isn’t the worse thing ever but missing friends and the freedom is going to be difficult. Just remember that summer is only a little more than two months and that you’ll be back in no time. Enjoy the time while you can and don’t forget to be grateful for every time you have to spend with the new friend you have in college. Appreciate every movie night and ice cream outing that you can have. Love you Gym Palz. 

Aria Govea

La Verne '22

My name is Aria! Psychology Major at the University of La Verne. Lover of photography, makeup, animals, youtube and coffee! Hoping to spread some positivity :)