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12 Most Common Halloween Costumes

As Halloween approaches, so does the question of, What am I going to be? While yes I am definitely on the trend of searching up “Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes,” my mind is hurting from seeing the same costumes at every Halloween party that has come to existence. I love all the “Costume Loading…”, princess, and referee costumes but it’s getting a little repetitive. Here are 12 costumes you are most likely to see at a party this Halloween:


1. Sexy (literally anything)

It is known to all college students around the world that as long as you have any type of animal ears you can use them for Halloween.

Or possibly a sexy mouse costume.


2. Vampire

Okay guys wearing all black and putting fake blood on your face doesn’t really classify yourself as a “vampire”. However, I’m not judging you for not putting in fake vampire teeth because honestly those are just terrible and uncomfortable to wear.


3. Deviled egg

Okay I love this idea just as much as the next person i’m all for puns but when I walk around and see about twenty girls in a white T-Shirt with a yellow circle on the front wearing devil horns it’s not as punny as the first one.


4. Cowboy  

This one is so much fun! There is much more creativity to put into different cowgirl/boy costumes.


5. Skeleton

I definitely have done this one. Honestly it is really common but I feel like there is so much variety that can be put into the makeup of this one.


6. Waldo

Honestly I love this costume idea. It is the funniest thing to see the people all dress up as Waldo saying hi to one another because it is such a distinctive costume, they are all bound to stand out.


7. Devil/Angel 

Love. Love. Love. Love. these costume ideas because they are the cutest ones especially if you plan on going with a bestie! However, count on finding about twenty more combos just like it!


8. Playboy Bunny/Hugh Hefner 

This is funny, cute and definitely makes the combo stand out more if there is more than one bunny! Also it is super easy to pull clothes that you probably already have!


9. Cop

This costume is honestly so cute no wonder why it’s so common!


10. Victoria Secret Angel

Grab a pair of heels, a robe and some wings and you got it!


11. Doctor

Very nice and also pretty comfy to wear.


12. Sports player

Honestly this is the perfect lazy costume! Majority of the people who dress as “sports players” tend to wear a big jersey and call it their costume and you get to rep your favorite team!


If you’re planning on dressing up this Halloween these are the most common ones you will see! So, be careful when choosing your outfits and don’t be afraid to get a little bit more creative!

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