You're a Queen: Stop Acting like a Pawn

In case you haven’t been reminded that Valentine’s Day is approaching us, by being bombarded with chocolates and teddy bear “I Love You” signs while walking into your local Walgreens- I’m here to remind you that V-Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, V-Day can make you feel ALL the feels. 

But what about for the girls who are kind of seeing someone by aren’t officially together? Do you get a gift? Acknowledge that it’s even Valentine’s Day? Yes in this day and age so many girls are lost as to what their relationship status actually is. What I’ve grasped through my friends and college peers, is that what one person could think, the other could think the exact opposite.

I feel like in today’s society technology can make communicating with one another obviously a lot quicker and easier, but certain apps cause a blur in the line of what exactly two people use to talk to one another.

Both guys and girls use snapchat as a popular way to “scheme” or “lurk” on one another. It seems like if you want to start talking to someone, you can just add them on Snapchat. Snapchat is used as a main way for college kids to initiate “relationships” or “things” with one another. It’s basically a game now for guys and girls to formulate serious feelings. Is it just me or does snapchat kind of feel like a game of chess for the millennial generation?

Picture this: One of the cute popular guys at school adds you on snapchat unexpectedly. You see it and you didn't even think he noticed you at all. But, you don’t want to look desperate right? So, you wait a few hours to add him back. Boom, you finally add him back which means he’s one step closer to capturing your queen. You’re both at a standstill. Who will snapchat first; who will move one of their pawns forward on the game board?

Finally after a day or so of being at a standstill you get a snapchat and it seems like a “mass snap” which is just something random to see if you’ll respond. Of course you have to wait a few minutes to open and respond, because you don’t want to come off as too intense or crazy right? Or, at least that's what some girls think… So, eventually you make a bold move and jump a few squares on the board by snapchatting him back. Before you know it, you and the boy you thought wouldn’t even LOOK your way have a 3 day streak!

As you’re continuing your streak, he finally works up the nerve to ask you to “chill”. Yes. Chill. Meaning: not a proper date, not out to dinner, to “chill” also known as Netflix and chilling. Implying that you guys will watch Netflix and hopefully he’ll capture your queen in the end.

So, you both end up Netflix and chilling, and turns out he’s a really cool guy; he says all the right things at the right time to capture all of your knights and bishops. Before you know it you guys are having sleepovers and your snap chatting all the time. All the while you’ve never been on a proper date.  This is where the line begins to get blurry. You snapchat everyday but who knows who else he’s snapchatting. Some guys are just secretly taking your rooks while you’re not even trying to capture his pawns.

Soon enough, he’s onto his next opponent, planning his way to keep winning his game without any consequences. Because, let’s face it, you guys weren’t “official” right? You’re blindsided by the way he plays this type of chess game.

Before you know it you try and save yourself, but realize he captured your queen; and just like that you’re both strangers again with an empty board.