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What Can I Do During Social Distancing?

Having a few days to do nothing was nice, but now I’m getting that itch to be productive. Online classes haven’t started yet, so what can I do to pass the time?

  1. Job Search. If you’re a graduating senior, or are looking for a summer internship or job, don’t give up your job search! Life will return to normal eventually. Make sure your resume is up to date, create a portfolio, and start drafting cover letters for jobs you want! Shoot your shot and apply for that job.
  2. Clean up your living space. Spring cleaning is a good way to pass the time. Whether you’re at some with your family, or still at your off-campus housing, pick something to do every day to clean up (especially if you’re moving out and expecting your security deposit back).
  3. Play with your hair and makeup. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have tons of makeup and tools that I don’t use every day. And honestly, it feels good to mess around with them without having the pressure of making it look good. Experimenting with hair, makeup, and clothes can be a lot more rewarding and satisfying without social expectations.
  4. Online shopping. If you’re fortunate enough to be working from home, start building your wardrobe or summer wardrobe (within reason).
  5. Paint your nails. Be safe, and give yourself that home mani-pedi. It’s okay to want to feel good and to do it yourself. If you’re not that confident in your skills, practice makes perfect. You have time!
  6. Write for Her Campus! Or just keep a journal tracking your habits throughout the day. See where you can make improvements in your day-to-day to keep your mood from tanking from boredom.
  7. Find a creative outlet. Use what you have around you to occupy your hands for a while. Paint, draw, sing, write, workout, cook…almost anything!
Jessica is a student athlete Communication Major at La Salle University, with concentrations in Public Relations and Communication Management. Along with being a member of the track team, she contributes as an intern and author for Double G Sports, and is a campus correspondent for Her Campus. In her career future, she hopes to work with a Public Relations team for and established sports figure or another well known organization.
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