Watch Yourself, it's Aries Season!

All of you lovely March 21st through April 19th babies are beginning to thrive as the weather begins to (slowly) get warmer. With Mercury in Retrograde finally ending, things are beginning to seem a bit easier for most. Personally, my urge to dye or cut my hair has finally subsided and I could not be happier. Even for those who are not an Aries, this is a time for a beautiful change. While some people are skeptical or do not follow astrology, there are some lessons that can be learned in general through the subject. It’s kind of like Aesop’s fables, difficult for most to believe is real and usually about animals but can teach lessons in a fun way.

Aries season brings back the fire in our eyes. The world is beginning to open itself up to us again, and we can totally feel its vibes. During this time, getting ourselves together personally and socially is of high importance. Here three major tips about Aries season that you can use whether you believe in the stars or not.

  1. Take Action! Apply for that job, treat yourself, ask your crush if he thinks you’re cute (of course you are). Send your message to the world that you are prepared to receive the gifts that you deserve. However, remember to pace yourself once you start taking action. Get things done but get them done efficiently.
  2. Take Responsibility! Have you been avoiding someone for a while now? Maybe it’s because you felt like you couldn’t talk to them. Be Honest. If you can’t tell the truth to yourself, how in the world are you going to be honest with others or expect them to reciprocate honesty to you? Also, don’t take any junk from anyone, PERIOD. Do not let people walk all over you. Now is the time to take control. Block him, unfollow her, and let’s move forward.
  3. Be Yourself! Okay, I will admit that this one is kind of cliché. However, I do my best to avoid making your eyes glaze over this piece of advice. Be unapologetic. Do not allow people (or yourself) to hold you back from the gifts being handed to you. You are not “too much” or “too little”. You are perfect.


Hopefully this advice will help you throughout the last few months of this semester and stay with you in the future. It’s important to remember that we are all in control of how we want our lives to be. Now is the time to take some important steps. Happy ram season!