Unpopular Opinions About Unpopular Opinions

4 Reasons Why this Twitter Trend Needs to END.

1. Most of the opinions aren’t unpopular. People post “unpopular opinions” of things everyone thinks, and everyone goes crazy retweeting and liking. But wouldn’t they be shared so much less if they were unpopular?

2. Why do people argue underneath popular opinions? The person knows the disagreements, they know the opinion is unpopular, so leave them alone.

3. We don’t need an unpopular opinion about everything. I mean..what is an unpopular opinion about the moon? THE MOON..? Seriously, move on.

 4. You shouldn’t have to preface your tweets by saying “unpopular opinion: XYZ”. That’s like saying “no offense”. This might be a personal thing, but you should just say whatever it is you have to say without trying to buffer people. 5. Unpopular opinions are just empty tweets in an attempt to go viral so you can plug your Snapchat, Cashapp, and Venmo

My point: unpopular opinion Tweets are useless and annoying.