Spooky Stories...Guess Which Ones Are True!

As soon as Fall rolls around, the spooky season begins! Who doesn’t love this time of year; candy corn, pumpkin carving, apple cider, and horror movie marathons!? One of my favorite aspects of Halloween approaching is hearing all the scary stories by a bonfire, s’ mores in hand. So, grab a marshmallow, and get it roasting, you’re in for a treat!! Check out these 4 spooky stories… and try to guess which ones are true! You’ll be able to check your answers at the end… but no cheating, otherwise a ghost will come to haunt you this Halloween! 👻   

1.) “Last year, I was with my roommate in our dorm room (we were in a quad, so there are four of us in all, but only two of us were there). We had just spent the entire day cleaning. We scrubbed everything, wiped down all the windows and mirrors, it was spotless! We were sitting talking in one of our rooms when we heard a little giggle in the other room. We thought that one of the roommates must have come back, I also heard someone say my name in a high-pitched voice, like that of a child. Our one roommate liked to talk in this little kid's voice to be funny, so I figured it must've been her. We walked into the other room to find no one there. Freaked out, we walked around the room, and when I passed the mirror, I saw that there was something in the mirror. A little child’s handprint, too small to have been either of ours...we were freaked out!!” — Dana, 20   

2.) “My childhood home was built on top of an old burial ground. The doors creaked, the windows would slam shut, and sometimes we’d hear footsteps. All typical haunted house stuff... but what made our house different than the average “haunted house” were the ghosts I would see. When I was little, I used to see people, a little girl in a white dress, a tall man in a top hat and suit, and a little old woman. They were always so nice; I would even have tea parties with them. However, one day this all changed. I was sleeping next to my brother when I suddenly woke up, I couldn’t breathe at all! My brother's hands were around my neck...he was choking me! His eyes were pitch black; his voice was deep (not the normal high-pitched voice of a 6-year-old). He yelled “Get out of my house!” as I stared into the dark pits that used to be his eyes, then he fell over, and was asleep again. My parents ran into the room thinking that there had been a man in the house. They woke up my brother and he was completely normal and had no recollection on what had just happened.” — Alyssa, 18 


3.) “I was hanging out in my room with my older brother (he was home from college, on break, so he was staying in my room on an extra mattress on the floor). We were having a full out deep conversation about the meaning of life and whatnot. While we were talking, I was sitting on my bed, and he was across the room, laying on the other mattress. (It is important to note that my room, with the lights out, is pitch black, only the green light from the extension cord lit up the far corner of my room. There is just enough light to see my vanity and chair in that corner.) Mid-sentence, my brother stopped talking, stood up, and sat on the chair in the corner. I could see he was looking at his phone because the phone light was shining on his face, but for some reason, I couldn’t see his facial features at all. I could only see his shadow. I asked him what he was doing because it was so strange of him to stop mid-conversation to go on his phone. He wouldn’t answer me, so I asked him again, “What are you doing?”. No response. I talked loudly now, “Jack! Hello?? Why are you ignoring me?” To this… he put his phone down and started walking towards me. But as he was walking towards me, his shadow quickly disappeared into the darkness, and all I could see in the dark were two… bright… red… eyes! The shadow moved so quickly towards my face, the red eyes coming straight at me, getting bigger by the second. I shut my eyes and threw my blanket over my face… A few moments later, my room light was turned on, I heard the door close, and my brother was asking me what I was doing. I had been shaking under the blanket, unable to speak. He sat on my bed, freaked out by my paleness, “What happened?”. He was sitting there with a soda and some snacks (we didn’t have these earlier). Turns out, he had gotten up to get us some snacks and had left the room about 10 minutes earlier. He hadn’t been in the room, but some being had been. I slept with the lights on for the next few weeks.” — Sam, 20   

4.) “I was home alone for the weekend, so I had music blaring and was dancing all around my kitchen as I was making mac and cheese. I was listening to some throwbacks, good old-timey songs. While I was listening to my favorite song, I heard a banging noise coming from upstairs. I turned off my music and heard nothing. I know this song all too well to know that these sounds weren’t part of the song. So, I decided to go upstairs and investigate! I face-timed my friend as I was walking, just so I had a backup in case anything happened. I got to the hallway closet upstairs when my friend’s face became suddenly pale. She texted me, ‘someone is behind you’, to which I turned around quickly, but no one was there. I thought for sure that she was messing with me, but she had taken a screenshot of our video call and sure enough, there had been a tall human figure behind me.” — Moira, 21 


Wow… if you didn’t get goosebumps from these spooky stories, I am honestly impressed and can you please share your secret with me, because I am currently clutching my pillow and refusing to put my feet on the floor to avoid any potential creepy creatures that are most definitely under my bed. Check your answers below! 


1.) Yup, that happened! 

2.) Too true for comfort (eeeeeeeek!!!!) 😨 

3.) True (I know… I know. It’s hard to believe… but it is truly true! 😳) 

4.) Don’t worry, it’s not true! (This is just close enough to true that it could be mistaken… but it is fake news!)