Some Beautiful Women to Follow on Instagram

March is officially Woman’s history month, celebrating beautiful, strong, independent, and inspiring woman. This month is set aside for us to embrace our differences, utilize our strengths, and feel motivated to follow our passions. Here are some lovey ladies that inspire me, and I hope they will inspire you as well!

Indya is a singer/songwriter, a fashion model, and a stylist. She portrays a confidence that is inspiring. The pictures she posts are fashionable and unique, just as she is. She is not afraid to be different, she lives with an outlook that it is weird to not be weird. Indya’s Insta reminds girls to stay true to who you are despite what others may think. Have that confidence to stick to the beauty of our unique self!

Mary is an influencer for body positivity. She is recovering from an eating disorder and a need to excessively exercise. Mary’s Instagram page helped me to realize that we should embrace our body just the way it is; we should work with what we have. She is beautiful and inspires me to feel confident in my own skin. She shows that belly rolls and stretchmarks, which are considered imperfections in today’s society, are beautiful and should be embraced.

Shelby is a dynamic mother of four (three girls and her baby boy), a yoga instructor, and a vlogger. Shelby allows for her children to express themselves and they have the example of a mother that is truly open to being herself. She is a very strong woman and shows the beauty and love that a family and children can bring. I feel inspired by Shelby, because she is real about the difficulties of being a mother, and also takes time to enjoy herself and the hobbies she has always loved. She shows how to balance the many obstacles of life.

Bethany Hamilton is another inspirational mother that I follow. She is well known globally as she is the woman the movie ‘Soul Surfer’ is based off of. She lost her arm in a shark attack, yet she pushed through and lives a beautifully normal life. This perseverance, and ability to push through the challenges that life threw at her is showing her true strength. She shows us that no battle is too much for us to work through and that life and love is worth fighting for.

Gemma is a young mother of her daughter Alexandra, and she has another baby on the way. Her and her husband are dance partners and post their salsa moves regularly. Gemma is an independent woman, who is open about her life, relationship and being a mother. Her positivity, healthy choices, and passion for dance inspires girls to be more optimistic and embrace our passions. She is a beam of light and reminds us to look at the good in all things.