Ride the “New Wave” for Summer 2019

The newest beauty trend for upcoming Summer 2019 is a perm - but not one that produces the 90’s curls that may come to mind.  While it is a semi-permanent hair treatment, it is much softer and produces loose waves rather than curls.  Invented by stylist Briana Dunning, this style originated at Striiike Salon in Los Angeles.  Dunning first has a consultation with each of her clients to familiarize herself with their hair type and decide if the “New Wave,” as she calls the perm, is the best treatment for their hair.  The waves set best in thick, straight hair but can have a beach effect on all thicknesses and textures.

PC: https://www.pinterest.com/susannahbretz/

The wave perm has spread from Striiike Salon all across the country, available to women anywhere.  After the initial consultation, different sized rollers and the hair treatment are used for a shorter amount of time than a typical perm on the customer’s hair.  Wave perm wearers should stay away from any kind of water or even pulling their hair into a ponytail for 48 hours to ensure that the waves set in their hair.


The result is wavy hair that sticks around for about four months.  This is great for women who like to let their hair air-dry, as it effortlessly dries into pretty post-beach hair with no need for styling products.  It is also fantastic for blowouts or curling because the added texture helps the hair hold heat styling better and longer.


The “New Wave” was likely inspired by the hair of surfer girls in California, because the result looks like salty hair after spending a day on the beach.  In the past few years, natural-looking beachy waves have been on trend.  Hair products for texture and waves such as Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray or Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray are very popular.


Get to your nearest salon and inquire about the wave perm to make sure you’re riding the “New Wave” this summer!