Making Procrastination Work For Me

You know those days where you will do anything…ANYTHING to avoid doing homework? Here are some of the productive ways I procrastinated so far this semester…

Creating an online portfolio:

I didn’t realize how much awesome and in-depth work I have done for classes like PR Writing and PR Cases and Campaigns. It’s so much easier to stick a link of your online portfolio to the top of your resume instead of saying “I have a portfolio, just not with me”. Online portfolios can work for any major, not just Communication! Art majors, business and marketing majors, or just anyone who wants to publish their hard work for everyone to see! I used WIX to complete my portfolio, it was easy and extremely customizable, you can check mine out here.

Polishing my resume:

Yes, I’m a senior looking for a job after graduation, but having an updated resume can save you a lot of time and trouble when you find out you need one, or when an opportunity for a job finds you. The Career Center on campus is great at telling you what exactly you need on your resume, how it should look, and what employers are looking for. They can even help you prepare for interviews!

Cleaning my apartment:

My apartment is a small space, I live with two roommates and we all have company over very often. With so many people in the house, it can get very messy and cluttered VERY quickly. Having a clean room, swept floors, no dishes in the sink and no trash to be taken out helps to clear my head and prepare me for what I ACTUALLY need to do.

This article doesn’t mean you SHOULD procrastinate…but if you do…make it work for you.