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Last Minute Halloween Makeup…So You Can Plan Better Next Year

Whether unexpected plans pop up last minute or you just can’t figure out a costume, Halloween makeup can be your best friend. Buying special effects makeup is an awesome way to spice up your Halloween look, but using your regular everyday makeup does the trick just fine! Sometimes, the face makeup is all you need, too. These days, costumes can be expensive especially if they don’t include accessories. If you’re having a hard time with what to be for Halloween or just need some inspiration, check out these super easy and quick makeup looks I did on myself!

Scare Crow

Last year, figuring out what to be for Halloween was a struggle! That’s why I decided to do face makeup and wear clothes I already owned. I searched up “cute Halloween Makeup” on Pinterest and immediately decided to be a scarecrow. To complete this look, I used regular liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow. I did two looks and decided on the one with the black lips nut they were both super cute! This makeup look was paired with a red plaid shirt and jean shorts!

Old Lady

This makeup look is a way to add a bit of humor to a costume. I usually go for more girly and prettier Halloween looks, but I am going to go outside of my comfort zone and use this one for my costume this Halloween! This look was achieved with brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, and concealer. I also put my hair in a loose low bun and paired this makeup look with some non-prescription glasses! I am so excited to be comfy and warm with a big cardigan to complete my old lady fit!


This was by far the quickest makeup look! I just threw on black eyeshadow around my eyes, filled in my nose with eyeliner and drew lines on my mouth. Anyone can do a skeleton look and it would look great with an all-black outfit! This is definitely a simplified version of this makeup look, but black eyeliner would definitely make the eyes pop more and adding white in between the lines on the mouth would give a great effect!


I love the way my vampire makeup turned out! I just covered my eyes with black and red eyeshadow, used red eyeliner to draw veins, put on red lipstick, and used that same lipstick to draw dripping blood as well as two bite marks on my neck. I would pair this makeup with a black bodysuit, black jeans, and thigh-high boots! Being a vampire is a very popular and easy Halloween costume!


If you’re into more devilish Halloween costumes, this is the makeup look for you! First, I did a red eyeshadow look with winged eyeliner on my eyes. I also added red eyeshadow to my eyebrows, nose, and cupid’s bow. I finished this look by adding red lipstick and using that to draw two little cute devil horns on each eyebrow. I think the makeup speaks for itself on this one but wearing red would definitely make the costume more prominent!


I think this doll makeup look is adorable! This can be achieved with any eye look of your choice! Just be sure to add blush to your cheeks, a few freckles, and lines on each side of your mouth! Personally, this was the easiest makeup look and I actually think it’s really cute! I would wear a cute dress or a skater skirt with stockings or knee-high socks!


Clowns generally freak me out, but this makeup look is actually kind of cute…kind of. I just used black eyeliner to extend my mouth, and for the eye makeup as well. I think this is one of those looks you can play around with and it’s definitely not the only way to portray a clown.

There are a bunch of other cute and easy Halloween makeup looks out there! Every year, I use Pinterest for not only makeup looks, but DIY costume ideas as well. Using makeup looks as costumes can be very useful especially if you need a last-minute second or third costume. Halloween doesn’t always have to mean spending a great amount of money on one costume! Doing face makeup is a way to add your personal touch to your Halloween look!

Desirae Osley

La Salle '20

Desirae is a student athlete at La Salle University. She double majors in criminal justice and psychology and is a member of La Salle's track and field team. Post graduation, Desirae aspires to work with and counsel youth offenders in the juvenile justice system.
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