It's Not Your Word

Generally, I try to stay away from this topic because I think it’s over-talked about. I also think that in 2019 we should not still have to explain to non-black people why they cannot use one simple word such as, the “N” word. But, here we go. 

My good sis, who is not black by the way, brought to my attention that she feels uncomfortable when other non-blacks use the “N” word in front of her. She also explained that when she is in the presence of African-Americans and non-blacks use the word in front of her and them she does not want to, “over-step her boundaries” and tell them that it is not ok to use that word. 

Here’s my position on it. Simply put, if you are not black, do not use the word. It is not your word. It is not for you to use. It does not matter if you think no one, African-American, POC, or white, should be using the word; you do not say it. There is no, “pass” because you are a POC.

However, if you are non-black and your African-American friends do not mind you using the word in front of them, that’s fine. That being said, not all African-Americans are your friends. They are not as comfortable with you saying it as your friends are. That means you should limit yourself to using it only around your friends. 

If you are non-black and are uncomfortable with other non-blacks using the word you 100% have the right to tell them to stop. You are not over-stepping any boundaries. Right is right and wrong is wrong and, they are wrong for saying it. If they do not understand, educate them and thank you for standing up for what you believe in.