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I’m a Lazy Bum and I’m Proud!

Throughout my life, people have told me repeatedly that I am a lazy couch potato. And you know what? They’re right! I can be productive when it’s necessary, but besides that, I am one of the laziest people that I know.

While many people view laziness as a negative attribute, I side with the unpopular opinion that laziness is the way to go (in moderation of course). So, I have pulled together some beautiful qualities about laziness to get more people on my side!

According to my good ol’ pal Google, laziness is defined as “the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy.” While this is true, and I cannot break my trust of Google’s knowledge, being lazy can help to avoid being lazy. I know, I know, that sounds insane, but it’s true!

Just think about it…we’ve all experienced the consequential laziness resulting from long hours of too much studying. After 5 hours of nonstop cramming, our brains are fried! And sometimes even a few hours into a crazy-long study session, we zone out.

If we take a lazy-lull as I like to call it, our brains have an opportunity to recharge. This ultimately increases our capacity for memory and retention. Then we’ll be sure to do ace our upcoming exams!

Along with improved memory, being lazy allows you time to decompress from your stress. Spending time sitting, doing nothing, taking a nap, or whatever your lazy habit may be, can reduce your stress levels, benefiting your academic and social health (Booyah! Double whammy! ?).

While we’re at it, let’s discuss naps, as they are one of my favorite pastimes. Taking a nap (preferably only 20 minutes) after a long day can be helpful in giving you a boost of energy or catching you up on your sleep if you didn’t get much the night before. Naps are beneficial in giving your mind a break and recharging yourself so that you can be productive!

With all these wonderful, positive factors that laziness brings, how can we shame it? I am a strong supporter of being a lazy-bum, and I hope I have gained your support!

**Please remember that laziness along with other things is only good in moderation! So, spend some time taking a break (being a lazy bum along with me), but don’t forget to be productive as well.

Samantha Gentry

La Salle '22

Samantha is an Early Childhood Education / Special Education Major in her Sophomore year at La Salle University. She is the Social Media Director for the Facebook account for Her Campus at La Salle as well as Junior Editor. She has a passion for education and a love for writing.
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