How to Meet Your Favorite Celebrities!

Meeting Celebrities can be tricky. After all, the average person doesn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money only to take a quick picture and talk to their favorite celebrity for 10 seconds. Over the years I have developed a system on how I visit my favorite celebrities for free!



Let’s be honest, most of the cities you will find celebrities are NYC and Los Angeles. I have the privilege of living in New York where many celebrities will come to promote whatever project they worked on. One website I look at to see if a celebrity I like is coming to NY is Build hosts half hour live interviews for celebrities and fans. Fans have a chance to ask their favorite celebrity a question in an intimate space. I got the chance to meet The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Kiernan Shipka back in October when she was promoting the show. The best part about it was it was FREE!


Back in 2017, I was invited to participate in the Fifth Harmony x Tumblr event. The only reason I found out about the event was that Fifth Harmony’s official update account tweeted it out. Tumblr brought out some of Fifth Harmony’s biggest fans to come and try out a new app. Little did we know that Fifth Harmony was in another room spying on us! All the fans in the room got a chance to speak to Fifth Harmony individually. I was even the first person that got to talk to Normani. I got the chance to speak to Normani for what felt like forever. We spoke about Dancing with the Stars, her birthday, and how much I loved her. She’s such a sweet person.


Yara Shahidi was someone that I was trying to meet for a long time. I saw her once before at the POPSUGAR Playground event, but I missed a chance at meeting her. She was in NYC for a while filming her movie Sun is Also a Star.  In June she released a photo stating that she was going to be at an Aero store in NYC and to RSVP using a link in her bio. My best friend Anah and I RSVPed and we woke up early in the morning that day to make sure we got a wristband to meet her. I was able to take a picture and talk to Yara for a bit. Yara is a chill person and her mom Keri is flawless.

Meeting my favorite celebrities has been a pleasant experience. My next goal is to meet Zendaya and Chloe X Halle. I hope my tips were helpful and someday you get to meet your favorite celebrity!