How Generation Z Has Ruined Human Connection

Generation Z IS the technological era. We have been exposed to technology and the internet from such a young age that technology has grown with us as well as within us every year. Has this stunted our mental growth? Our emotional intelligence? It’s probably too soon to know the outcome. Those who belong to generation Z have become one with technology.

Our very own existence has been challenged by a glass screen and a battery, an inanimate object. It’s forced us to decide where we belong- virtual reality, or real life. That isn’t in the sense that we can only choose one, but rather that if you choose to indulge in virtual reality, you won’t be able to enjoy anything for your own sake. This image almost takes over your life, and in 5-10 years it’s my prediction that this problem will be defined in the DSM (the standard classification of mental health disorders in psychology). Did you go on vacation to post a picture of yourself on the beach? Or to actually enjoy the culture and your time there? You give your life up for the entertainment of others. For most people, this thought never comes to the surface as an issue because we have been domesticated by society. Our subconscious decides where we belong for us because of what we have grown up with- it is our job to realize this and make the choice for ourselves.


We have become so obsessed with technology that we care more about our Instagram feeds than we do our personal relationships which are supposed to give our lives meaning. It has never crossed most people’s minds that they have the ability to delete their Instagram or Twitter, and like that, it’s gone. In an instant, it doesn’t exist. There has been talk about removing the visibility of our followers and our likes. How would you feel? Would your system of validation be gone? This would make us human again. This obsession manifests through social anxiety/free-floating anxiety. It pains and confuses those in Generation Z to look up and say hello to people they pass on the sidewalk on the way to work because it’s become so foreign to us. We can like pictures and tweets, but can’t even show common decency to those we inhabit the Earth with. When was the last time you greeted the mailman? Or the lady at the cafeteria? This was the first step in dismantling human connection.



Contrary to popular belief, you can’t experience true human connection through apps on your phone. If you indulge so heavily in social media trends- this is step two- you’ll follow people who tell you that showing emotions, feelings, sentiments of love and caring, equals weakness. Even worse, the people we look up to as role models, people we want to be like as older teens and young 20-year-olds, perpetuate this awful cycle. Whether you realize it or not, what you see online directly influences your thoughts and behaviors, consciously and subconsciously. Celebrities have even given in to this because they need to fit in, too. They’re only human. An example: listen to 5 Migos songs and the way they talk about women and you’ll know exactly what I’m referencing to.


This trickles down into the minds of young men particularly and creates a culture that has accepted things like Tinder- an app that completely goes against what makes us human. It’s so unnatural to find sex through a swipe. Sex historically is supposed to be something meaningful and a tool to strengthen a bond between two people, but it’s now used to objectify each other and separate us even further. Us women allow men to perpetuate the objectification because Tinder makes it so easy, that someone could be at your doorstep in ten minutes without even knowing one thing about you. But they have no problem using your body.  According to pop culture, that’s fine, because it tells us that there is no room for feelings in the current “mating” culture. Now look up Drake’s lyrics, people will call him “soft” and “emotional” when his lyrics represent his desire to have a human connection with a woman. When did showing feelings make us weak? And why have we let our pride get in the way of sharing how we really feel? You can even see the evolution in his music over time from ten years ago to now, the culture has gotten to him, too.  Truthfully, some people are okay with choosing to have casual sex with no emotional attachments- in my experience, it’s mostly men. Whether that comes from an issue stemming from childhood, a bad past relationship experience, or just your basic needs, everyone has their own right to choose. But the problem lies between those who act like they want something emotionless because they’re fearful as being seen as weak if they express how they really feel. I have seen this plenty of times with friends of my own, they will put pride first because this idea has been put into their head, rather than the idea of open communication.


“Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Don't mask or deny your vulnerability: it is your greatest asset.



*Everything in my articles is based on my personal opinions, there is no right or wrong way to exist- everything varies by person*