How Do We Feel About Valentine's Day?

Some people think Valentine’s day is a fun way to let their special someone know they’re loved and appreciated. Some people think it’s overrated, and that it shouldn’t take a holiday to treat your love with a little extra care. Some use the latter opinion as an excuse and are really just too lazy to partake in the holiday.

How does the La Salle community feel about Valentine’s day?

“It depends on who I’m seeing/not seeing. I celebrate it if I have a [partner]…but I’d get chocolate of course because people love that stuff, and I like to do whatever they like to do outside flowers and Valentine’s Day stuff”—Male, 21

“It’s a nice holiday, but it can be frustrating to those who don’t have a Valentine.”—Female, 20

“I don’t really have an opinion, it’s just a day for couples to be reminded to do stuff they already should be doing. They act like they need to impress each other or something”—Male, 23

“Valentine’s day is only for women, I rarely see men getting treated on Valentine’s Day”—Male, 20

“Single people hate this holiday”—Female, 20

“It’s a fun holiday, not really needed, but nice to show someone you care!”—Male, 22

“I think an activity, like dinner, is more important that a gift.”—Male, 23

“I love it, I think it’s a cute holiday. I understand you should be telling the person you’re with that you love them all the time, but this is a day to just go all out.”—Female, 20

“Honestly, the best thing about it is a Valentine’s Day memes.”—Female, 20


So, however you feel about Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s celebrated in a way you understand. You have a week to figure things out!

From me to you,

Happy Valentine’s Day