Happy Cuffing Season!

Oh, cuffing season. Now that Thanksgiving has come and go, cuffing season is in full force. What is it you ask? It is a time period, generally during the winter months, where those who are normally single actively look for a relationship in order to fill that lonely void. I asked college students on La Salle’s campus as well as other campuses about their take on “cuffing season”


Give me your thoughts on cuffing season.


Desirae Osley, Junior

“When I get cuffed it’s lit. But when I don’t, cuffing season is b.s. It’s a made up thing for people to feel better about not being cuffed the rest of the year; a way for guys to smash during cuffing season then cut you off right after. Cuffing season is annoying to say the least.”


Chase Campbell, Rowan, Sophomore

“It’s not a real thing it’s just that people start to feel like they really need someone to spend this time of the year with. Especially for the holidays. Once spring break/summer hits, I think a lot of people want to be single and have fun without having any consequences to think about. It’s probably why people are hesitant to cuff when they’re really feeling somebody and try to drag out the “talking” stage as much as possible. So it’ll be easier to cut the tie off once they want to be just have.” 


Renn Fuller, Grad Student

“Cuffing season wasn’t a thing until social media. Like Black twitter, for example.

I think it puts pressure on people to settle for the winter months, especially those easily influenced by socials. I do, however, like that it lets people ‘date’ around until they feel they have met the right person to ride out those tough, cold months with.”


Isiah Deas, Junior

“To be honest, cuffing season is a gift and a curse. You might get cuffed, but I feel it’s not authentic, it’s more of a mood.”



Have you cuffed during cuffing season? Or, would you cuff during cuffing season?

Shamar Reeves, Junior

“I’ve never intentionally said I’m going to get a girlfriend during cuffing season but it always turns out that way. I’ll just be talking to someone or vibing with them then cuffing season comes around and we start getting more serious.”


Rayshel Brown, Sophomore

“Yeah, because I’m a ball player and I like seeing that one person wearing my jersey and I like others seeing that person wearing my jersey as well.”


Debra Barksdale, Senior

“I would cuff during cuffing season because around this time is very stressful and its nice having someone to be with during those moments and it’s also the holidays and nothing is better than having a special someone to share those moments with.”



Isaiah Akil, Senior

“Well to me, it's when it starts getting cold out and it's late in the year so no one is going out as much and you just want to chill but you want to chill with someone else”


Do your relationships last after cuffing season?

“It can but I usually get uninterested because it’s summer the weather getting nice and no one wants to be tied down. You want freedom to do whatever you want. I have been in relationship in the summer before though and it was actually cool.” - Shamar Reeves


“It depends on if you both developed real feelings for each other. But usually people start wanting to go out again without feeling like they have to answer to someone” Isaiah Akil


So, cuffing season has many mixed emotions. Some love it and some hate it, but at least most can all agree, it’s better to have someone than to be lonely.