The Girl He Tells You Not to Worry About

How do I know not to worry?

It hard not to get jealous in any relationship between any two people. Sometimes someone comes a little too close to your boo, what do you do now?


The Best Friend: “They’re my best friend, I don’t see them like that.”

This is a tough explanation to process. No one wants to be the S.O that tells their partner who the can and can’t talk to (if they listen). But especially when we don’t know the best friend, or the dynamic of their friendship, it can be worrisome. We don’t know how that friend feels towards our partner, what their motives are, or how much they respect our relationship.

On the other side of this argument, I have been the Best Friend. I have been the girl that my male friend’s girlfriends don’t like, and it’s not fun. It’s put some of my longest and best friendships to the test. I knew how I felt about my friends, and I know I would never overstep the boundaries of their relationship, and I didn’t want to. But they didn’t know that, or it didn’t matter to them.

My point is, that these friends do exist. Your S.O will have friends that you might be wary of, but there is no reason to. But if you can’t knock that feeling, talk to your S.O without asking them to cut their friend off. Letting them know how you feel is the only way you can achieve peace of mind.


The Ex: “We’re broken up.”

It’s always unsettling when your S.O is still in contact with their ex, especially if their relationship ended not too long ago. Find confidence in the fact that they are broken up and have faith in your partner that they’ve moved on with you.

If your partner is secretive about conversations with their ex, or super defensive when you bring it up, it might not be a good sign. Lingering feelings do exist, and if you think they’re interfering with your relationship, let them know you feel uncomfortable.


The stranger: “We barely know each other.”

A new name pops up on her phone and you think, “how did they meet”? Or he likes ALL of her pictures. You don’t want to sound crazy, but you also can’t help but wonder about them.

Don’t worry unless you see a clear reason to. There’s no need to freak out over a couple Instagram likes, or a new friend on Snap. Maybe it’s for a class project, or a work thing.

Put things into perspective, do you know every single one of your followers? Or even everyone you’re following? Probably not.


If we’ve learned one lesson, it’s to ask. Communication is key (as cliché as it sounds) to overcome these issues. Don’t ignore your feelings, but give your partner the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions.