Black Beauty Influencers You Should Know

The beauty community is slowly becoming more inclusive with their products, collabs with people of color, and men in beauty. Let’s celebrate some black YouTube beauty influencers!


Bri Hall 

photo courtesy of YouTube

Bri’s channel ranges from story-times, GRWM videos, hair videos, but mostly focuses on makeup tutorials. She embraces her womanhood and is also not shy about flaunting her beautiful natural hair. If you’re working on going natural, I highly recommend watching some of her hair care videos. Her channel currently has about 688K subscribers, and she is such a talented and self-actualized personality, check out her channel!



photo courtesy of YouTube

Jaelan’s Youtube channel has anything from info on protective styles, wigs, and natural hair to motivational talks and even a spiritual series. She also does makeup, ranging from full glam to everyday looks, and is also comfortable in her own skin and usually goes barefaced for her Motivation Monday videos. If you need inspiration for you hair or makeup, or are finding yourself going through a rough time, make your way over to the faceovermatter channel.


Alyssa Forever

photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

Alyssa Forever has a WIDE variety of videos on her channel: beauty (hair and makeup), fashion, lifestyle, and is full of challenges and story-times. She gets personal with her audience, constantly vlogging and keeping them updated about what’s going on with her life outside of YouTube. For a good time and some entertainment, head over to her channel.


Jaelah Majette

photo courtesy of YouTube

Jaelah Majette’s channel is, in one word, RAW. Aside from her hair tutorials and style videos, she has shared her experiences on hair loss, post-partum depression, her sex life, and her marriage. She clearly stans women and the issues we face that are “taboo” to others. Her channel has everything!


Finally Amber

photo courtesy of YouTube

Amber posts three times a week and talks about how she takes care of her natural hair (and her boyfriend’s). She talks about different curl patterns, thicknesses, porosities…everything black girls and guys (or neither) need to know about shrinkage, breakage, and general hair maintenance. Natural hair isn’t always easy to manage, so if you need guidance, head over to her channel!


Kimberly Cherell

photo courtesy of YouTube

Looking for wash-n-go’s, twist outs, and product reviews? CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL! Kimberly has an amazing hair journey…the growth is unbelievable, and she even has different curl patterns to offer advice to everyone! She also tackles how different makeup brands and products perform on dark skin. Educate yourself on her channel!


Jayde Pierce

photo courtesy of Twitter

According to her bio, Jayde is a “qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist, and model”. So the trifecta. She posts in-depth makeup tutorials and reviews and has let her viewers into her personal life and has spoken about her pregnancy and labor, offering footage as well. For full glam, or daily looks, Jayde Pierce has it all.


Nyma Tang

photo courtesy of Allure

It’s no secret that there aren’t many makeup brands that cater to darker skin tones. So many “The Darkest Shade” videos for foundation and testing all kinds of pigments on dark skin comes from Nyma Tang. If “Black is Beautiful” could be embodied, it’d be Nyma.


Alissa Ashley

photo courtesy of YouTube

I KNOW you’ve seen her go viral for her beautiful and iconic photos. She has shared countless makeup routines with us, is constantly reviewing the products she receives. For anyone with hooded eyes, Alissa is your girl. And if you don’t, she still has bomb makeup looks for everyone. Check out her awesome af channel.


Jackie Aina

photo courtesy of YouTube

Last but not least (bias alert)…Jackie Aina! Jackie is not only an advocate for woman, for equal representation in the makeup industry, she is an advocate for embracing darkskin individuals and defeating colorism. She consistently calls out makeup brands to be more inclusive, has done work with Too Faced to expand their shade range, and has recently spoken out against skin bleaching in light of Black Chyna’s new product launch. Not only Does Jackie discuss and execute makeup FLAWLESSLY, but she’s not afraid to experiment with her natural hair, her wigs, and her clothing choices. We all need some Jackie.