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You Do Not Always Have to be Okay

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.


It is that time of the year, midterms, spring is starting, and so is the undeniable fact that the stress of school, work, and activities may break you soon. I am not boasting when I say this, but having two jobs, and two degrees/majors to balance has finally bit me in the ass. I broke. I cried. I ate way too much comfort food, and had a very long phone convo with my mom; moms always know what to say.


The point is, we are all getting to the point of the semester and school year where we are just done; we cannot breathe without the thought of an assignment, work, or how you are going to complete something on time. All I can say about this stress is, you do not always have to be okay. Crying is good, talking to people is good, letting your emotions go is good; storing them all in until you break is no bueno.


I suggest that you find someone that you know has open ears and arms, whoever that may be talk to them. If you talk you do not have to let things boil over, and then clean up an even bigger mess. Also a little bit of advice; my boyfriend told me this when I was going through a rough time, and now it hangs on our wall as a friendly reminder for my anxiety prone ass, “You have got to figure out the little things in life that make you happy everyday and you have to do those little things more often, because those little things can make a big difference”.

We only have a month and a half left. We can make it through this!

Katie Frasch

Kutztown '20

Educational advocate, animal lover, feminist, and a proud aunt of three. Family and friends make life, and all battles possible .