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Why I Want to Be a Middle School Teacher

I’ve already written an article about how I struggled to find what I wanted to major in. Once I finally decided, I was greeted with many sayings such as “Good for you!” or “You would be perfect!” or “That’s awesome, congrats!” However, I was also greeted with negativity as well as “Why would you want to do that?” or “You could choose a better career,” or “You aren’t going to make that much money.”

If you guessed I am an education major based on these reactions, you would be correct.

I am a Secondary Education major with a concentration in English. I will be certified to teach grades 7-12 (and 6 in certain school districts). My least favorite reaction when I tell people I want to be a middle school teacher, however, is “Oh wow, well God bless you.”

Sure, middle school kids can be annoying. And awkward. And immature. But they are at the age where they need guidance the most. Think about it. I know we all can remember at least ONE middle school teacher that had a particular influence on us. We still remember those teachers to this day. I know personally middle school teachers that I have had are part of the reason I chose to pursue this career. Middle school teachers can influence kids in such amazing ways.

The fall semester of 2015 I had a field placement in an urban middle school. The teacher I observed was absolutely wonderful. These kids came from all sorts of backgrounds, and they seemed to have much respect for her. Several of them told me she was their favorite teacher. This was when I was fully inspired to become a middle school teacher.

Although I will be certified to teach both middle and high school, I know I want to begin my career as a middle school teacher for sure. I can only hope to have a positive impact on my future students. I can only hope that I can be a good influence on these students during a critical point in their academic growth and development. I can only hope and work to be that middle school teacher that students remember in the years to come.

And as for those of you who can’t believe I want to do this for a living: you can keep your blessings, because I won’t need them.

I'm Anna, 21, and from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I love The Office (and proud to be from right outside the Scranton area). I'm an avid pizza eater and coffee drinker and your typical gym rat. When I am not busy studying English Education, I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and taking Netflix naps.
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