Why I Love YouTube Personalities

YouTube is a social media platform designed for people to upload video content. For several years, YouTube has been the source of all music videos, informational/DIY videos, and hilarious cat videos. Almost anything you search online can be found somewhere on YouTube, even one more than one channel. YouTube has offered so much creativity to users as well as interesting, helpful, and enjoyable content for viewers. Some people even have a career in YouTube, and that’s what I’m here to discuss.

Since I was in middle school, I’ve been a fan of watching “vlogs.” A vlog is essentially a blog in video format. Thousands of people consider themselves to be YouTube personalities or vloggers, getting paid for the content they supply the website with. Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, my interest in vloggers has changed. I used to be a fan of Mitchell Davis, the Shaytards, and Kingsley. I have since moved on to watching people like Colleen Ballinger, Joey Graceffa, and Grav3yardGirl. While my taste of videos has shifted, one YouTube personality in particular has not left my subscribed box – Jenna Mourey/Marbles.

I have been watching Jenna’s videos for probably seven or eight years. Her content has not stopped being humorous to me, and I feel like I’ve grown up with her. In her videos, I have seen her change as a person and become happier. This is why I love this platform. It lets you, as a viewer, relate to someone else somewhere in the world. While Jenna doesn’t know me, I definitely know her, and she’s helped me through a lot of things. I wish I could personally thank her for that.

Although I could write a novel on why Jenna Marbles is a wonderful and hilarious human being, I’d like to focus on her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, who deserves so much more credit than he gets. I am so in love with the content Julien puts up on YouTube. He is one of the most interesting, unintentionally funny, most genuine vloggers I have ever had the pleasure of keeping up with. I think I especially like him because I see the way he has changed Jenna for the better, so my opinion of him might be a little biased.

Julien works extremely hard to supply his viewers (the dink fam) with interesting videos every single week. He uploads Monday-Friday while still keeping his fans updated via Snapchat during the weekend (@JulienSolo). What I find the most incredible about Julien’s vlogs is the way he can capture a time lapse. Julien has been playing around with equipment for months trying to find the best way to film the world in its raw form. I wish that more people saw the talent that he has, because his videos are absolutely beautiful.

Here, Julien includes his time lapses in one of his everyday vlogs:


Besides that, Julien has also produced several short films just based on his filming talent:


As I said before, I could go on and on about Jenna or Julien. I highly recommend checking out both their channels, but especially Julien. He is just so fun to keep up with and he will make your heart warm. Plus, the two of them have three really goofy dogs that make it in to almost every single video. You won’t regret stumbling upon these two. Maybe you’ll even like them so much you’ll want to write an article about them or share their content with a friend.