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I have always loved shopping. My favorite thing to do has always been shopping. Something I have always been good at is shopping. But lately, I just spend too much. I see something I like, and without thinking, I buy it!

There is only one slight problem with my unhealthy obsession: I have no more money to spend. It’s gotten out of hand lately, and I just keep buying things. As a college student with a part time job, I don’t think that I can necessarily afford to keep spending, but shopping makes me feel so good. I don’t know if I’d call it an addiction, but it may not be far off. Even though I sit there saying I can’t buy things, I do anyway!!! I could have my card declined over and over again, and it’s fine because I can just transfer money.

My logic isn’t very good and I am running out of money, but I also think it is important that we treat ourselves. Think about how much you actually do and realize that you deserve a reward. Making excuses for buying things is my specialty. I hear all of my friends talking about how they have no money and we all laugh in agreement. I see those same friends online shopping too. No one can resist it. I think, for now, everyone should spend all of their money on themselves. We deserve it. Set yourself some spending limits, but treat yourself. These are my favorite tricks when online shopping:

    1. Set a budget before you shop, but add everything that you like to your cart anyway.

    2. Check the sale items first! You’ll get more stuff for your budget.

    3. When you’re done, go through your cart and figure out what you have to eliminate.

    4. Always see if the store does a student discount! Do some research and you’ll be amazed what you can find. Sometimes you can get up to 40% off!! These are some of my favorite stores with a student discount:

-Missguided, ASOS, Banana Republic, Toms, Madewell, 

    5. If you know you’ll regret not buying an item, just get it. You cant live without it!

Even if you’re “broke,” keep online shopping, shopping in-stores and treating yourself now because it will make you feel good, even when you spend all of your money. 

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