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Too Broke For Christmas


Growing up Christmas has always been a big deal. My parents have always decorated the house to the nines, had the tree the day after thanksgiving, and played Christmas music throughout the house. Christmas day was a big deal and they made sure to see that everyone got exactly what they wanted from their list. They were amazing.

     As I get older I keep on thinking about how my parents deserve the best gift from me for making each Christmas better then the last. There’s only one problem with getting them the best gift, how am I supposed to get them the best gift when I can only afford to buy them those mini Yankee candles from the dollar store? These people deserve an island, but as of now my debit card is getting rejected after trying to buy something for five dollars. 

    As much as I try to save up money for Christmas gifts, I’m a broke college student that needs to eat. Life just comes up and my bank account quickly drains out. How am I supposed to get gifts for my four siblings, two parents, and friends, when I can barely afford to eat? 

    I understand that Christmas isn’t about the gifts and how much you spend on gifts, but my parents deserve the world. They are there for me and all of my siblings through thick and thin; and for better or for worse, they’re our number one fans. At the end of the day, it’s all about family and being with your loved ones, but every time I hand them my gift and it’s a hand made card with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. This year I have even made the decision to not go black Friday shopping because I know right when I step into that mall, my list of gifts to get goes out the window and next think I know I have spent all the money I made that day waitressing on thanksgiving and I have accomplished nothing on my gift list. 

    I’ve come to realize it’s not about how much you spend on a gift, but the thought and the effort that it took to make or find that perfect gift. 

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