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Leave the world behind- Ruuman Alam

This book is extremely new to the literature realm but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Published in October of this year, the novel is said to relate to that of a Shirley Jackson novel, which is a huge compliment. It’s a novel about two families who are strangers to each other, becoming stranded in a rural area of New York while an unknown terror sweeps the state. I would call the book a sort of dystopian fiction with a pinch of horror in the middle.

Things In Jars - Jess Kidd

Things in Jars came to me through a weekly Instagram ad, and the description pulled me in right away. This novel is about a woman, a detective, who is challenged with the task of how the kidnapping of a young girl in old victorian London took place. What makes the book suspenseful is the fact that the girl who is missing also possesses supernatural powers that have been kept a secret all her life. If you’re interested in mystery and folklore, I’d suggest picking up this book for the winter break!

Film For Her - Orion Carloto

This book is far from others that I have reviewed or written about because not only does it stray from horror or mystery, but it’s actually a poetry book by a favorite author of mine, Orion Carloto. The novel is a scrapbook of short prose, poems, and short stories of memories that were caught on film by Carloto herself. I’d be comfortable calling this more of a visual diary, than poetry.

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