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Your range varies across from dystopian to disaster,

mystery to poetry.

Each page fuels a new story, setting every scene.

Painting each picture as clear as it can be.

The fiction-filled world fills up your mind,

Eyes swallowing each word

As you wonder about the story unfolding before you.

There is no time to pause as each sentence urges 

Your anticipating hands to turn the page.

Just one more, one more page before ending the story. 

A happy ending? A sad ending? Or no end at all?

You are at the mercy of the storyteller, never knowing for sure

What he or she has in store.

Each page colors in the picture in your head, 

Filling them with a variety of images.

The characters take form, no longer mere names in a book.

They are real𑁋to you.

They help you emerge into their world, 

Help you escape from the tiring problems of your reality.

Though all stories come to an end, you find yourself smiling 

As you close the book.

For once a story ends,

A new world awaits you.

You place the book on your shelf

Until one day it gathers dust as it awaits to be held once more.

Professional Writing Major and Social Media Theory & Strategy Minor with a love for books and music.
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