Thankful for my Sister

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of what it means to be thankful. I am thankful for life’s necessities, but I am very much thankful for my younger sister, Allison.

I am thankful for how she encourages me. This is something important to me since I would much rather just stay in bed all day. She encourages me to get up and do something- even if its just to watch a movie or go get the mail. She pushes me to get up and live my life, even if its only one step at a time.

She also reminds me of stuff. At times, I find this rather annoying,as if she’s purposely irritating me by reminding me of how forgetful I am. However, I know deep down that she does this because she knows I have a lot on my plate, and may forget some of the minor things in life. 

I am thankful that she puts up with me on days that I am sad. She is willing to take to me and help me think of how not to be sad. She encourages me to seek help. If I don’t, then she takes matters into her own hands and helps me. 

She helps out at home too. She helps take care of the house since I am mostly at work or school during the week. She also makes me dinner so I don’t have to when I get home from work. 

I am thankful for her thoughtfulness. She is always listening to me. She knows what I like and what I don’t like. She doesn’t have to care about my interests, but she does. She even acts upon this knowledge when we get each other things. She always it is hard shopping for me but she always gets me things that I truly like. 

We are just like any other couple of sisters, we might fight a lot, but at the end of the day I love her and I know she cares about me too. Ever since our mom passed, she has taken over as that caring figure around the house. Even though she is younger than me by two years, she does act older sometimes. I don’t really know how I would have handled life without my mom if my sister wasn’t here. I am thankful that she is with me. I am truly thankful for you, Allison.