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It’s impossible to find a Taylor Swift song you can’t sing along to. Whether it’s country-pop “You Belong With Me,” 1989’s “Shake It Off,” or unapologetic “You Need To Calm Down,” each of her lyrics illuminate a unique sound that has transformed the music industry. Swift is not just another pop artist. She’s honest. She’s charitable. But most importantly, she’s a role model and inspiration for all.

Before Swift transcended into the huge net worth she is today, she was just a girl and a guitar. Her country debut single, “Tim McGraw,” released in 2006. At the time, Swift was coming to terms with the sad realization that her and her boyfriend would breakup at the end of the year when he left for college. What set Swift’s music apart back then was the fact that she wrote her own music and her lyrics were deeply genuine. It wasn’t typical country music themes like tractors and beer; it was personal and relatable.

As her support grew and she put out songs like “Fifteen,” “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and “Style” she became an icon. Her music touched on not just heartbreak but friendship, life lessons, beauty standards, and embracing individuality. When her song is next to any other on the radio, she breaks away from the hypersexualized party hits. She digs deeper into the human experience, something we all can relate to in one shape or another.

Not only is Swift’s music something to celebrate, but so is her character. Some see her as a boy-crazy, airheaded cat lady—however, she is anything but. The singer is a supporter of over thirty charities including UNICEF and Habitat For Humanity. She has donated to her hometown, schools in New York, and many other foundations. Most notably, in 2016, she donated $250,00 to fellow artist Ke$ha after a court injunction. Swift’s altruism is palpable and a trait that should be a major inspiration to the world. Ultimately, she teaches others how to support others and give back to her community.

That said, Swift really does create a personal touch with her fans in a way that no other artists can achieve. Not only does she recognize their individual concerns, she leaves a part of herself with every Swiftie. With the release of her most recent album, Lover, she sold four deluxe editions that contained never-before-seen journal entries by Swift. By allowing fans to gain a glimpse into her life, she built a true relationship with them and set an example for how artists can use their fame to inspire.

Whatever anyone says about Swift, her renowned fame across the globe is unmatched. And with that power, she is fully utilizing her music to connect, motivate, uplift, and excite fans or haters alike. To Swift’s fans who have been there for over ten years or ten days, we will all witness her legacy over this generation. 

Maddie O'Shea

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