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Supporting Artists and Buying Great Things: Red Bubble

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

As an artist that could only dream to live off the demand for my artwork, I was so excited to find this website: Red Bubble. Red Bubble provides an outlet for artists to sell their work and spread their talent. And, not only this, but the buyer can feel proud that their money is not going to a large corporation, but to a person. As an artist, I know how satisfying and motivating it is to know that someone likes your art enough to purchase it.


Now, you may think you don’t have money to spend on artwork as original pieces of art can get quite expensive. With Red Bubble, you are able to support artists without hurting your wallet. The items consist of clothing, bed sets, wall art, stickers (my personal favorite), note books (spiraled and hardcover), phone cases, laptop skins, home décor, other forms of stationery, bags, etc. A design that you find can be placed on any one of these items. Also, a lot of items have a package discount. For example, if you buy four stickers, you get 25% off of the total, and if you buy 10, you get 50% off your total. With notebooks, if you buy two, you get 15% off of your total. When you create an account, you can keep track of your orders and “favorite” designs—this saves it for later, and also helps filter designs on your feed. 

I am not one usually for endorsement of corporations, but everything that I have bought off of Red Bubble is high quality and awesome due to the personalization of an individuals  artwork. The items also speak to you as a person. All you have to do is search a key word to find a design that represents you. It is a fun way to express yourself. My laptop is covered in stickers and my book bag is full of notebooks, and I felt good supporting an artist with each purchase.

Katie Frasch

Kutztown '20

Educational advocate, animal lover, feminist, and a proud aunt of three. Family and friends make life, and all battles possible .