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Song Review: You All Over Me by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift just released a brand-new song “from the vault” called You All Over Me (featuring Maren Morris) on March 26, 2021 at midnight EST. This song came as a surprise single release from the ever-anticipated Fearless: Taylor’s Version album. If you didn’t already know, Taylor does not own the rights to her first 6 albums released under Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. Thus, she is now in the process of re-recording and re-releasing the songs that were stolen from her. However, she chose to start with Fearless instead of debut, so fans are unsure of which songs/albums are on the list to be re-recorded. I am a die-hard Swiftie nonetheless and was extremely eager to hear this new song.

Here’s my opinion of You All Over Me:

When I listened to it the first time around, it was surprisingly more twangy and mellow than I expected a Fearless song to be. It reminded me of her other songs “Come In With The Rain” and “Untouchable” from the original record, but it was still so different. She added a lot of depth to the instrumentals to amplify the calming country vibes.

I then took time to absorb it, read the lyrics, and really appreciate the song. I played it on my drive to work and felt nostalgic as if I was hearing 2008 Taylor all over again. It was refreshing and calming, but it also hit me with a little wave of sadness when I realized she was singing to a past lover she still can’t get out of her head. The chorus is truly powerful as Taylor opens with, “I lived, I learned, had you, got burned” and slows down to emphasize “But no amount of freedom gets you clean / I’ve still got you all over me.” I think my favorite lines, though, would have to be in the bridge, “And see that we / Were never really meant to be / So I lied, and I cried / And I watched a part of myself die.”

Taylor never disappoints with her emotion-evoking lyrics and passionate energy. I do hope to see more upbeat and empowering songs from her in the near future, since her recent releases had more mature and relaxed vibes. Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing the entire Fearless: Taylor’s Version album with more songs “from the vault.”

Kayla is a sophomore Social Media Theory and Strategy student at Kutztown University. Her interests range from youth activism to the latest beauty trends, so she is always glad to see these topics brought into the online networking world.