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Six TV Couples That Have Brought Me Joy This Year 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.


  1. Grace and Judd, 911: Lone Star 

911: Lone Star is a current obsession of mine, and my favorite couple is TK and Carlos, but this year—the whole one month we’ve had of it—I’ve found comfort in another couple on the show, Judd and Grace. Judd is a cowboy from rural Texas and a firefighter at Station 126, the main station shown on the show. Grace, his wife, is a 911 dispatcher in Austin. They’re relationship is shown throughout the show as stable and loving, and I think more shows could use that. Through Judd’s trauma in season one, and the car crash in season two, they were there for each other. This season in the four episode premiere, Grace was giving birth to their first child. While I’m usually of the belief that children being written into shows in later seasons ruins character development, the birth season, and subsequent scenes of them celebrating, were really touching and gave me a lot of hope. 

(An honorable mention to TK and Carlos for also having a great plotline in the most recent episode, and having very adorable scenes). 

  1. Nancy and Ace, Nancy Drew 

These characters, though they aren’t actually together officially, bring me joy in the sense that they are so familiar with each other since they started as friends. In the finale of Season 3 that aired two Fridays ago, there was a magical dream scene of their future together and it was really precious. I hope they actually get together at some point, but the familiarity of their relationship was nice. For reference, there’s a fan video above. 

  1. Stiles and Lydia, Teen Wolf 

This is not a new show for me, but during winter break, I rewatched Teen Wolf (mainly the episodes about Stiles). The show provides me comfort in a lot of ways, and while season 3B with Void Stiles is my favorite, I really liked season 6A because, while Dylan O’Brien wasn’t in every episode, the show did a really good job building the tension between Stiles, Lydia, and their relationship. Plus, their kiss at the end of the season is so good,especially with the song they chose to accompany the scene. 

  1. Micheal and Alex, Roswell New Mexico 

Roswell New Mexico is also a show that I’m rewatching. My roommates and I started watching Roswell (1999), and I missed the first version I watched. Alex and Michael are so in love through all three seasons, and while there’s struggles, they do actually get together in the most recent season. All of their moments together are so tender, and they feel warm and welcoming. Now that there’s a bit more closure in their relationship, I return to it often to rewatch. 

  1. Emily and Sue, Dickinson 

The last season of Dickinson came out last fall and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Emily and Sue have had an off and on, complicated relationship for the show’s three season run, and while there were moments I didn’t support them because of all the complications, this most recent season had so many moments that made me love them as characters. They’re development in season three made their relationship, and the show, much stronger. 

  1. Tom and Marina, Home Economics 

This is one of the more obscure shows that brings me comfort. It’s one of ABC’s sitcoms, and it follows a family through the eyes of Tom who is writing a book about them. Tom and Marina are one of the main couples in the show. They have a rapport that is realistic, but is also full of love. They’re willing to conquer anything together, and they represent a healthy and loving relationship that can be lacking from most sitcoms.

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