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Six Of My Favorite Group Dances From “Dance Moms”

The reality dance show Dance Moms has been a guilty pleasure of mine since season one. My favorite part of the show (other than the drama) is watching the completed group dance at the end of each episode. In no particular order, here’s a list of six of my favorite group dances, though I could’ve gone on forever with this list. 

Suicide Hotline

This was a heavy episode. One of the dancers, Kalani, knew someone that committed suicide. It was eye opening to see that depression can begin at a very young age, but that there are resources out there to help. The dance is dedicated to this young girl and raises awareness about hotlines that are always available to listen.

Is There Still Hope?

This national title winner tells the story of each dancer with a different ailment in their life (e.g. a drug addiction). As the dance goes on, each dancer dies off until no one is left standing, and the hope has disappeared.

Blush and Bashful

This perfect scoring group dance tells the story of a group of women getting ready to marry the same man, but at the last minute, one of them gets cold feet and doesn’t want to go through with it.

Boss Ladies

The last group dance featuring the famous Maddie and Mackenzie Zeigler is an upbeat hip hop number. The costumes paired with the song and choreography would make anyone want to get up and dance.

Stomp the Yard

Based on Orange is the New Black, the girls each portray a character from the show. It’s a fast-paced jazz funk number that fits with the song and perfectly portrays the different characters.


Obviously inspired by the movie Twilight, this dance features three of the female dancers and a male guest. The boy plays the vampire while the girls are under his trance and fall in love with him.

No matter how you feel about reality TV, there’s no denying that this group of dancers have amazing talent. I could watch these routines all day.  

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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