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Six More Of My Favorite Group Dances From “Dance Moms”

I have reverted back to binge watching Dance Moms, and I never get tired of watching the talent on screen. Looking at the previous list of group dances from the show, I realized all of the other pieces I left out that I cannot get enough of, so here’s a list of six more of my favorite group dances from the show.

The Red Bow

“The Red Bow” is based on the story of “The Red Violin,” in which a woman traumatically dies in childbirth, so her husband paints a violin with her blood. The style of dance is ballet, which the dancers don’t perform often, but it was such an elegant dance, with costuming to match.

The Waiting Room

Despite its loss at season five nationals, “The Waiting Room” is a beautifully sad dance about a group of people in a hospital waiting room, only for one of them (Maddie, of course) to receive terrible news that leaves her feeling sick herself.

Where Have All The Children Gone?

Abby Lee Miller choreographed this dance twice, the first time in season 1 and the second time in season 7. However, I prefer the original dance better, with the OG dancers dying off one at a time during the dance, resembling the horrifying experience of a child going missing and never being found.


The spooky costumes created by the moms and the smooth beat of the music makes this dance so enjoyable to watch. The dancers are zombie-esque statues that come to life, perform their dance, then freeze back as statues. 

Lift You Up

Based on the Broadway show Kinky Boots, the girls dress up as drag queens to perform this upbeat musical theater number. The dancers and their parents were worried that the drag queen getup wouldn’t be well-received in the rural area of the competition, but it was amazing nonetheless.

Family Court

Inspired by dancer Bynn’s parents’ custody battle, this group dance tells the story of a woman who’s separated from her mother when she’s a child, but is eventually able to reunite with her years later. 

I always have a deep regret of not getting interested in dance when I was young after watching these beautiful dances, but I also know I would never be able to perform them as flawlessly as these dancers.

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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