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Siren’s Call

Dreaming of the days

Where we would watch the stars

When the rest of the world

Had seemed so far

And nothing else mattered

Except you and me

The soft grass

And the wind through the trees

As approaching winter caused the leaves to fall

I found myself

At their Siren’s Call

I fell with them

In that time

And to be honest

I truthfully did not mind

Perhaps it was the association

Of your green eyes to leaves

That yearned me to

Following their lead

A grand parade

Of graceful chaos

As autumn fades into winter

But at what cost?

For me and the leaves

To descend from the trees

But when you jump

Caution of the bump

Because although your tired soul may feel found

You will always hit the ground

Alexa Rode

Kutztown '24

Alexa (Lex) Rode is a freshman at Kutztown University. She majors in Secondary Education English and is passionate about all things reading and writing! In her free time, she can always be found dancing around as well as creating music.
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