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As the semester is coming to an end. It is becoming crunch time for everyone. Seniors are getting ready for graduation and post-graduation. While every other class is figuring out what their next steps are for future semesters. Everyone’s end goal is to figure out what the paths they are taking is for their best interest. Also, what they are doing won’t be a waste of time. Students all want to feel like their life is in order even in the middle of chaos. 

Something about them 20 somethings. The decade of the unknown.  If school worries aren’t enough we life starts hitting you. Looking for jobs, saving money, going on trips, changing up our wardrobe or even finding a significant other. If all that isn’t enough where are still in our heads trying to figure out how to do more. 

Now me being 21 and weeks until graduation. I am at the stage where I feel like my life is falling apart but coming together at the same time. Now as I’m writing this I am becoming lost for words of what exactly my purpose of this week’s article was supposed to be about.  So as im writing it proves the point in life we think that we know what we want to do, and we start to do it we find out that its not all of what we imagined. 

As the semester is coming to an end and it may not be what you envisioned it to be at the semester. The place you thought you would be 10 weeks ago will not be where you will be at 6 weeks from when the semester is over. That is a good thing though it shows the progress of growth. Growing every day to become better than the person you were yesterday and weeks ago. And just like this articling thinking I knew the plan I wanted to take with it and it ends another way. Life is unpredictable and that’s what makes it so amazing. Enjoy today and enjoy tomorrow for they are different. 

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