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Two summers ago, my ex-boyfriend told me that we were going to watch ‘Red vs Blue,’ a web show produced and created by RoosterTeeth using the graphics from the different ‘Halo’ games. I gave him a weird look, not exactly sure if I would like it and decided to at least give it a half hearted try.

Three episodes in and I bailed out. I told him that the quality was poor and the humor was not to my taste. Frankly, I wasn’t being very open to it at the time, since he basically volun-told me to watch it with him. He was happy I at least gave it shot and we never watched it again. Or so I thought. 

Two weeks later, I was bored and had no desire to do anything productive when a little thought popped into my head. “Watch Red vs Blue,” it said, “Give it one more try.” And so I did. Maybe I was being more open to it, or maybe it was out of pure boredom and some need of comic relief, but my view of the web series changed drastically. 

Within the span of two weeks, consisting mostly of evenings, I binge watched all 16 seasons of the show. You could say, at the end of it all, I became obsessed. I loved every ounce of the show and was stoked to find out Season 17 was on the horizon for the following spring. “Why did I come to love this show?” you must be asking yourself. It’s a combination of multiple things. 

For one thing, the show has an amazing and interesting plot line. I will warn you now— the plot for Seasons 1-5 is confusing and dumb at its best and non-existent at its worst. You do have to remember: during these first seasons, the creators and writers were making this show for fun. They didn’t expect it to become popular, so they didn’t really focus on a plot. As the show went on and got more fans, they soon delved deeper into the lore of the universe they created as well as fleshed out all of their characters. The plot gets more serious and involved starting with Season 6 and onwards, and this is when I really started to fall in love with the show. I love anything with a good plot that makes me care about the characters and what they’re invested in. 

Another thing is that the comedy is pretty interesting and unique. Each character has their own ‘trope’ and once you noticed their tropes, the jokes make more sense and they fit really well with the show. For example, Dexter Grif is the laziest soldier of all of them so they always crack a few jokes about how lazy he is and he’ll do anything to get out of doing work. Some people might not understand the humor, but I am fond of it and it’s one of the reasons Red vs Blue is my favorite show ever to exist. 

Lastly, the characters are lovable. It’s really hard to think that I would care so much about a cast that never has their faces shown. The show was animated using Halo’s engine, so they all wear helmets and can never take them off. Even then, the show writers do a fantastic job of making you care about the characters, what they’re doing and who they are as people. I will say that I definitely cried a few times during this show—both laughter and sadness.

I could go on for hours about each character and why I love them and why the plot was so amazing, but that defeats the purpose of watching the show for yourself. It’s a great show, even if the graphics at the start are not the best. I highly recommend this show to anyone who needs a good laugh or loves a well written plot; you won’t be disappointed!


Peyton Williams

Kutztown '20

Music education major who loves film score and writing stories of any kind! Ask me about my favorite piano piece and why I love green tea lemonade!