Reanna Venstresca: President of HC Kutztown 2017-2018

As HC Kutztown’s semester slowly came to an end, it was time to vote on a new president for the 2017-2018 school year. With the majority of the Her Campus Kutztown’s executive board graduating, it was left up to the current group to elect a passionate, approachable, and responsible leader. Unanimously, all of eboard voted Reanna Ventresca as their new President.


Ventresca received the “most worldly” award for her writing this spring 2017 semester. She has made an impact on her fellow writers and the campus community alike. Those of us who know Reanna value her opinions, her dedication to equality, and her efforts to be someone who embraces diversity. She has big plans for Her Campus moving forward.


Part of her desire to provide an equal opportunity for all comes from her major in Social Work, and her minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Together, these courses have been able to widen her understanding of our world today. This is exactly the kind of person we wanted to take charge of Her Campus; a writing platform for college students to express themselves on all levels.

Reanna is also an active member of other various clubs/organizations on campus including Presidential Ambassadors, Boys and Girls Club, and Housing and Residence Life. Knowing that she has dedicated her college career to gaining the most well-rounded experience she possibly could, we are confident that Reanna will lead HC Kutztown to do great things.


When we initially formed this group on campus just two short semesters ago, our biggest goal was to create a community of writers who continued to expand semester by semester. We wanted to reach out to as many people as possible in an effort to grow as a group that lives on. With Reanna as the president for the 2017-2018 school year, we can rest easy knowing that our goal will be achieved.


When we asked her what her individual goal was she explained: "My goal is for Her Campus to provide a place for us all to advocate ourselves as well as other to positive impact our Kutztown home." We believe that she will do just that. 


Congratulations Reanna!


If you are interested in joining Her Campus please contact [email protected]