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The Process of Having to Write a Wedding Speech for Your Sisters Wedding While Being Bitter and Single: A Memoir

The Process of Having to Write a Wedding Speech for Your Sister’s Wedding While Being Bitter and Single: A Memoir


Being asked to speak at your sister’s wedding is truly a honor. Standing up and being able to go on and on about how amazing your sister is, and how her finding her person in life/soulmate is magical. All in all, it’s exciting. Being that it’s a week away, I figured I should sit down and get started on it. As I put the pen to the paper, the only thing that came out was “So how about that ride in”. I sat there and wondered if I was having writers block or just couldn’t think of a single thing to say about love. Being that I’m newly single, I was wondering if it was because I had thrown in the towel with wanting to be in a relationship or wanting to find my “person.” I sat there for a while doing what everyone that writes wedding speeches does, turned to Google. I googled corny quotes, corny speech videos, the whole thing. I tried the traditional corny quotes like “Love is Life” and “If you Miss Love, you Miss Life.” I wanted to throw up. Who would I be fooling, standing up in front of 260 family members and friends, preaching about love and creating a sappy speech off of google. Once again, I would fool no one. The struggle continued as I googled more speeches. My search engine consisted of “Non-sappy Speeches for Weddings” and “How to Not Sound like an Idiot When Giving a Wedding Speech.” Finally, I decided to call for back up and have my mom help me out. I realized that no matter what my relationship status, no matter my feelings about love, my sister was happy, and I was sharing the most important day with her, my new brother-in-law and our family and theirs. There was nothing better than that. So, at the end of the day, my speech consists of how happy I am for my sister, and how their love inspires and makes me a little less bitter. 

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