P!nk is Positive

Media and society are always forcing their ideals of what a ‘perfect’ body looks like and how women should look to be considered ‘pretty’. It is constantly being shoved in our faces that we have to look a certain way to be attractive. Movies, TV shows, and the music industry are well known mediums for such beliefs to be shown to young women and girls who are still trying to figure themselves out. However, there are many celebrities now that are taking a stand against these ideals. It is not that hard to find celebrities who prioritize health over beauty. One such celebrity who is not afraid to show her true self is the American singer-songwriter P!nk.

P!nk, famous for songs like “What About Us” and “So What”, has always been a different sort of female singer. She is well known for her short blonde hair and muscular body type. She is an example of a woman who looks different from the societal stereotypes of beauty and is still beautiful herself. She is not afraid of showing off her body, which displays her 20 plus tattoos—something that is still considered more of a male thing. P!nk also is proud to be a tomboy and teaches that belief to her daughter, Willow. P!nk wears dresses while also sporting her muscular arms. Beauty is in strength and positivity. P!nk is not just physically strong, but also strong in her parenting. She is well known for letting her children grow up in a genderless environment so that they can feel beautiful no matter what they like to wear or play with. She does not follow society’s stereotypes for women. 

P!nk understands that beauty is within everyone, no matter what they look like or behave like. As such, I think P!nk is an amazing role model for young girls and women. She tells them that they are beautiful no matter how they look. Tall or short. Skinny or plus sized. Petite or muscular. Even feminine or masculine. Not only is anyone beautiful, but they can also do anything—just as P!nk has gone on to become a well known singer.