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Our Government Abandoned Us During a Pandemic, and It Hurts.

As the news broke that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected a new $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. America is nearing its one-year anniversary of coronavirus in the country, and the government has failed to pass a second relief bill. Thousands of people are waiting for a financial lifeline because they have been impacted by the pandemic. More than ever people are struggling, yet there is no help.

 It’s hard ignoring Congress’ other interests that had priority over a COVID-19 relief bill. Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation were rushed in order to be on the Supreme Court before the presidential election. Republican senators were more concerned with having a 6-3 conservative majority than giving more relief to citizens.

The global pandemic, unfortunately, happened the same year as a presidential election. The guidelines the CDC recommended became a political debacle instead of a measure to collectively prevent as much spread of disease as possible. President Trump encouraged protesting lockdown measures by publically arguing with other politicians and public health officials. Which in turn led to the virus being spread on a wider scale.

It’s painful to watch politicians completely disregard the health and safety of the very same people who elected them to office. Over 270,000 people have died from COVID-19 in this country, and countless more have been directly impacted physically, mentally, and financially. The economy and election have always had priority over a national pandemic response plan. Many elected officials have proven that they care more about their reelection campaign than protecting and helping citizens. It hurts to watch thousands of people die every day. It hurts even more to see no help, comfort, or leadership from the government. I hope that Congress is able to pass another relief bill soon. This help is long overdue to the American people.


Sydney Weiland

Kutztown '21

Currently, I'm a senior at Kutztown University majoring in English with minors in professional writing, social media theory & strategy, and music and a writing intern with HerCampus. Outside of classes, I love to play my oboe, go thrifting, and cook.
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