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An Open Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Me, 

Hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Two FULL YEARS have passed since you started your graduate school journey. And you’re probably getting ready to walk across that stage to get hooded. 

Now, I don’t like making these types of “prediction” letters about where I’ll hopefully be in two years’ time. But it is nice to reflect on where I was when I wrote it. Currently, I just finished my first week of being a grad student with classes and my GA position. I absolutely love working in the Graduate Admissions office, and I hope to have my internship working in the Visual and Performing Arts college. 

I also started my classes. Lots of reading, oh my goodness. I’ve been neck deep in textbooks and articles since Monday and I don’t think there’s an end to it. But it feels...nice. I feel way more relaxed than I did in undergrad. Oh, but I do pass out at 9pm every night. Is this what adulting feels like? 

Now, away from school. You just published your first book, Project: SCORPIO. Not many people know it’s out yet, but they will soon. I do plan on making it an audio book over winter break and giving it a formatting face lift. And maybe start on the second book too. You have over 600 subscribers on YouTube, 73 Twitch followers and 2 Patrons. Your brand is doing well for having just changed over and very minimal advertising on the large scale. 

You love cooking. You meal plan. You’re currently single and trying to find a boyfriend but alas, no hope. Hopefully by the time you read this, you have one. The single life does get lonely sometimes. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I hate making predictions about the future and what I hope to have happen in writing. Because if it doesn’t happen, it’ll just sting a little bit. But screw it, we’re gonna make some predictions. 

The obvious statement is that you’ll have finished graduate school. You’ll have a job lined up for after you graduate at Kutztown University. You’ll be halfway done with your second book and have over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. You’ll be happily in love with a future in sight. You’re getting orders on your Etsy weekly. You. Are. Happy. 

The counselor called this week, asking to meet with you. But you can’t, because as a graduate student, you can’t go to counseling services unless it's an emergency or you pay the fee. I chose not to go back. Now, you better be in good mental health, friend. Love yourself. Are you still taking time for yourself? You better be. 

You still play clarinet and piano when you want to, and it’s great. You’re no longer at your peak, but that’s to be expected since you’re no longer a music major. You’ll probably miss it, but you still love what you’re currently doing. 

Now, Future Self, I must go. I have cookies waiting and a textbook to read. But I hope you’re able to make these predictions a reality. 


Your Younger Self

Peyton Williams

Kutztown '20

Music education major who loves film score and writing stories of any kind! Ask me about my favorite piano piece and why I love green tea lemonade!
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