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New Puppy Love

With the semester just beginning, of course I think it’s a great idea to buy a puppy. This may seem crazy, and yes, maybe I am a little crazy, but this has been one of the greatest things I have done. I’ve always wanted to have an animal at school because on those long, tough days of class and everything else life throws my way, it’s such an incredible feeling to come home to a puppy. His kisses and playful manor make the day so much better.

Although having a puppy is cute and fun, it’s also an annoyance at times. He’s like a baby and has to be taught every step of the way. Of course, this is expected, and accidents are bound to happen, but sometimes I can’t wait for the day he’s 100% potty trained and there won’t be accidents anymore, but then again, he won’t ever be this small again. Him being so small is one of the cutest things. It’s amazing to see him learning and discovering new things every day.

One of the funniest moments was when I first put a collar and leash on him. He had no idea what to make of it. He kept scratching at the collar and when I gave the leash a slight tug, he wouldn’t budge. He had no idea what to do or that he was supposed to start walking. Instead, his massive paws slid across the tiles as he sat. I couldn’t stop laughing, but soon enough he got the hint and understood that he was supposed to walk.

Another one of the best moments, that had me in tears, clutching my chest for air, was when I bounced a ball and he pounced on it with his massive paws, then took off for his food dish. From there, he would grab some food in his mouth and take off running, stopping only to chew, then take off running again. These times are hilarious because he’s silly and crazy.

Although owning a dog is a lot of work, especially a puppy, it’s well worth every accident and ruined pair of shoes. Kane is a blessing each and every day, and I wouldn’t trade any moment with him.

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