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  1. Sushi

Absolutely, without a doubt amazing. You can never go wrong with sushi. Don’t want raw fish? Good thing they make sushi that has no fish in it. It’s small but easy; it’s fast and leaves almost no mess. If you want a sushi/Japanese place near Kutztown, I personally recommend Lily Sushi Grill in Allentown. You pay about $25 for all you can eat which includes egg rolls, spring rolls, lomein, sushi, rice, ice cream, and so much more! 

  1.  Tacos 

My absolute favorite food on the planet. Not in the mood for anything? Tacos. You can literally put anything in a taco and it’s good. My favorite taco order is shrimp, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and cheese. 

  1. Pizza

Very basic, but is always available. Pizza is easy to access, delicious and fills you up. I know the debate in Kutztown is between Tommyboys Pizza and Cafe or Mamma’s Delight Pizzeria and I have to say, I am personally a Mama’s girl when it comes to Kutztown pizza.

  1. Bagel

Coming from someone who is originally from New Jersey, bagels are a must. They are anything and everything you need. They carry exactly what you might be craving but just don’t realize it. I definitely recommend The Bagel Bar Cafe, in Kutztown PA. Bagel Bar is absolutely delicious with reasonable prices as well.

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